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The Lord our God says
John 21 : 15 Jesus said, " Feed my lambs."
John 21:17  Jesus said," Feed my Sheep."
Romans 12:20 Feed  your enemy."

Council woman Marsha Berzins fulfills her pledge to donate Council pay raise to a local charity.

Aurora Ward III residents Mark and Demetria Skipper run the local nonprofit Living Water Ministries to help clothe, feed, and house Aurora’s most vulnerable residents.  What started as a passion project walking the streets to deliver cold water on some of Aurora’s hottest summer days has turned into a 365 day a year mission to help get resources and support to those most in need within our community.   “After starting this project with our own resources it’s been incredible feeling the how many more people, we’ve been able to reach and will be able to reach with the additional resources from Marsha and our Aurora community!” said Mark Skipper. Councilwoman Berzins could not be prouder or honored to be helping support the inspirational work Mark and Demetria are providing here in Aurora.  

One hundred percent of Marsha’s donation to Living Water Ministries will go directly into helping the community. Whether it is the hundreds of sack lunches they distribute (weekly/monthly?) or the 20+ people in the last year that they helped find financial stability and permanent housing with first month’s rent and deposit covered, Mark and Demetria’s life passion is helping others.  “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help those who feel down and out with their personal growth, showing them that their community cares and that they are not alone on this journey,” commented Demitria Skipper.  

Mark and Demetria find their motivation to help others through their own inspirational stories of overcoming adversity.  Mark was in the military before spending 35 years on the street. Demetria had six-figure salary success in the private sector before a layoff and divorce turned her world upside down, leading her to a place where she had lost almost everything.  Knowing both sides of the story fuels their determination to help those who need it most get the necessities and support they need to find employment and stable housing. 

Our Mission
Living Water Ministry Outreach envisions a vibrant,
responsive Denver Metropolitan Area where hunger is a
choice and where food insecurity among residents is
less than two in every ten families through the partnering, collaborating and coordinating between agencies, and organizations
Our goal is to assume a significant role in the measurable reduction of food insecurity among the most at-risk and vulnerable residents in the Denver Metropolitan Area: individuals, children, families, and the elderly.
Things needed
Monetary Donations, Gloves, hats, Men and Women Pants, shirts, blankets, Socks, personal hygiene products, hand sanitizer and masks
Living Water Ministry Outreach
Monday- Friday 9am-2pm
Saturday and Sunday 12pm-3pm


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Rocky Mountain
Food Bank

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Denver Metro
Housing Initiative

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Denver Rescue Mission

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Mosaic Church
of Aurora


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